Save our Farms – New Heritage Party policies to support traditional farming

The Heritage Party has published new policies to support our farms and farmers in the face of globalist plans to destroy our farms and bring in a dystopian no-farm future with only scarce amounts of Frankenfoods to eat.

The new section on Agriculture begins:

Our nation has some of the best agricultural land in the world. We must be good stewards of the land and use it to produce the healthiest possible food where plants are natural and nutritious and animals are treated well throughout their lives. 

We currently import about 46% of our food while embarking on schemes that are destroying and degrading farmland. This needs to end. We will set a target to become 100% food self-sufficient within 10 years.

We will end all subsidies that discourage or prevent farmers from growing food on their land and could lead to farm closures. We shall also end all subsidies for converting agricultural land to wind turbines, solar farms and battery-operated storage systems.

We will pay farmers to produce food, not meet climate targets.

In order to protect domestic food production, we will increase the total annual budget for UK Agriculture by £1bn and restore the value of direct payments to farmers that have been cut by DEFRA. The farm subsidy system should be targeted to support food production and safety, good stewardship of the land and animal welfare, as well as encouraging an increase in organic and free-range farming.

We must return to natural, regenerative farming methods. We will encourage diverse, mixed farming for local needs, with proper crop rotation that regenerates the soil, less reliance on pesticides and herbicides, more hedges and nature land strips, zero genetically modified food, and ethically sourced and produced meat.

The alternative is a continuation of monoculture crop production that degrades the soil and high intensity factory farming in which animals are treated cruelly. This is already being replaced by an even worse and dystopian vision of a future of high-tech, unnatural, AI-automated biomass production with genetically modified food, genome processing, 5G geofencing of farm animals, bug powder and vertical soil-less agriculture under hydroponic lighting that Tony Blair describes as a ‘no farm future’.

Our food must continue to be natural and not grown in a laboratory. We will prohibit the production and import of ‘Frankenfoods’ like ‘lab-grown meat’ or insect biomass to prevent them from contaminating our food supply in the UK.”

The Heritage Party also puts high importance on animal welfare with policies to end factory farming, prohibit non-stun slaughter of cows, pigs and sheep and a ban on animal testing for cosmetics.

For further details see our manifesto sections on Agriculture and Animal Welfare.

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