Local Elections

Local Elections

Local government is vitally important for local communities. The Heritage Party will seek to ensure our countryside, towns and cities are not ruined by rampant development, with public money spent wisely on vital public services and maintenance rather than costly white elephant projects.  We wish to preserve our heritage sites, historic buildings and monuments and to protect our traditional way of life.

We have 10 councillors representing the Heritage Party in local government on town and parish councils in Cornwall, Devon, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Sussex, Wigtownshire and Wiltshire.

Local Elections 2025

We are now taking applications for candidates for County Council elections in England in May 2025.

Please submit our Local Candidate Application Form to apply:

Alternatively, complete the Local Candidate Application form below and send it to candidates@heritageparty.org

Local Manifesto

Protect our Countryside

No approval for unnecessary big housing developments on green land

No approval for solar farms and wind turbines on agricultural land and green countryside

Improving our Towns and Cities

All new homes and commercial buildings to be built in the traditional and historical architectural style of the area

Preserve family homes from redevelopment into blocks of flats

Create renaissance zones to remove brutalist buildings and re-build town centres with beautiful buildings

Law and Order

End politically correct policing

Increase targeted stop and search

Zero-tolerance for knife crime and county lines

Re-build community policing with more bobbies on the beat

Fund Vital Services

Prioritise parks, youth centres and libraries

Regular bin collections – at least weekly for all types of waste

Potholes – repair with pitch coating for longer-lasting repairs

Fighting Nuisance

Set up cameras at fly tipping hotspots

Provide designated sites for gypsies and travellers

Zero tolerance for large groups trespassing on private land outside designated sites


Facilitate opening grammar, technical, vocational and special schools in all local areas

End political activism by teachers in LEA controlled schools

No transgender propaganda or sexually explicit materials in schools

Support traditional family values where Relationships and Sex Education is compulsory

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