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For far too long, the United Kingdom has been led down a path of managed decline by successive governments, and the current government is ruining our society, culture and economy.

We are a great nation and we deserve better!

We have a glorious history and a wonderful heritage which has been given to us by our forefathers, which we should enjoy and build upon to pass on to our children and grandchildren.

Restore Our Nation, Vote Heritage Party

Restore Our Nation,

Vote Heritage Party

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Save Our Farmers
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Traditional Family Values
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Free Speech and Liberty
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Low Immigration
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David Kurten - Leader

David Kurten,
Heritage Party Leader

The Heritage Party was formed in 2020 to defend our heritage and restore our nation.

The Heritage Party stands for common sense principles and policies: 

  • Protect our culture and heritage
  • Traditional family values
  • Protect children from grooming and sexualisation
  • National sovereignty
  • Control our borders
  • Financial responsibility
  • Self-sufficiency in skills
  • Self-sufficiency in energy
  • No more lockdowns

Please look at our manifesto to find out more, and join us as a member.

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