Heritage Party to stand 41 candidates in General Election

The General Election on 4th July 2024 is our opportunity to vote out the Tory/Labour/LibDem/Green/SNP uni-party which has been ruining our country and restore common-sense to our nation.

The Heritage Party stands for:

  • Defending our culture and heritage that the other parties are destroying,
  • Upholding our fundamental freedoms which were and are being attacked and undermined by lockdowns, coerced injections and ‘hate speech’ laws,
  • Controlling our borders by pushing illegal boats back to France and imposing strict caps on student and work visas,
  • Protecting our children from gender ideology and sexualisation in schools,
  • Rejecting the madness of climate alarmism that insists we dismantle our perfectly good energy infrastructure that uses carbon-based fuels and replacing it with solar panels and wind turbines that cannot produce continuous, reliable energy,
  • Stopping Agenda 2030, which seeks to destroy traditional farming and transition to a diet of lab-grown, genetically modified biomass, and
  • Opposing the insane headlong rush to WW3 by escalating tensions with Russia.

The Heritage Party has 41 candidates standing across the country in these constituencies:


Bognor Regis and Littlehampton – David Kurten

Bracknell – Jason Reardon

Chelsea and Fulham – David Poulden

Chesham and Amersham – Julian Foster

Clacton – Tasos Papanastasiou

Crawley – Dan Weir

Dover and Deal – Sylvia Laidlow-Petersen

Gosport – Lisa Englefield

Hartlepool – Viv Neville

Hertford and Stortford – Barry Hensall

Ipswich – Terry Charles

Milton Keynes Central – Alfred Saint Clair

Newton Abbot – Andre Sabine

North Cornwall – Sarah Farrell

Rochester and Strood – Peter Burch

Scunthorpe – Scott Curtis

Skipton and Ripon – Guy Phoenix

Slough – Nick Smith

South Devon – Rebecca Collings

South East Cornwall – Graham Cowdry

South West Devon – Darryl Ingram

South West Norfolk – Gary Conway

Southend East and Rochford – Bianca Isherwood

Southend West and Leigh – Lara Hurley

St Albans – Dafydd Morriss

Stafford – Craig Morton

Surrey Heath – Elizabeth Wallitt

Sussex Weald – Dominie Mary Stemp

Tynemouth – Adam Thewlis

Watford – Sarah Knott

Westmorland and Lonsdale – Izzy Solabarrieta

Wimbledon – Michael Watson

Witney – David Roy Cox

Woking – Tim Read


Dumfries and Galloway – David Griffiths


Aberafan Maesteg – Rhiannon Morrissey

Cardiff West – Sean Wesley

Dwyfor Meirionnydd – Joan Ginsberg

Monmouthshire – Emma Meredith

Newport East – Michael Ford

Torfaen – Nikki Brookes

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