Heritage Party strengthens Environmental Protection policies

The Heritage Party manifesto has been updated with new policies to ensure a cleaner, healthier environment for people, plants and animals. As well as pledging to keep our countryside green and maintain the historic character of our towns, cities and villages, the Heritage Party will prohibit the use of neonicotinoids which kill bees, end the addition of fluoride to drinking water, stop spraying chemicals in the atmosphere for ‘cloud seeding’ and implement a moratorium on 5G until it has been fully safety tested.

The new sections in the manifesto are as follows:

“We must ensure that our environment is protected from harmful chemical, biological and radiological hazards. While carbon dioxide is natural, many chemicals used in industry and agriculture have a detrimental impact on our ecosystems. Harmful chemicals which should be kept out of our environment include:

  • Neonicotinoids, which are harmful to pollinators and should never be used. 
  • Fluoride, which should not be added to the water system. People should not be coerced into drinking fluoride. Adding it to water effectively removes choice from people who wish to avoid it. If people wish to expose themselves to fluoride they are able to buy and use fluoride toothpaste. 
  • Heavy metals and toxic metal compounds, which should not be emitted into the environment at all, including in the process of ‘cloud seeding’. The atmosphere, and thus clouds and rainwater, should not be knowingly laced with lithium, cobalt, silver, barium or aluminium salts or other toxic compounds.

5G uses frequencies on the electromagnetic spectrum between 3 GHz and 100 GHz that have never been used before for communication. Their effects on human health are unknown. There should be a moratorium on using 5G, or any other new electromagnetic frequencies, before it has been fully and thoroughly tested by independent researchers as to its effects on humans, animals, plants and microbes. It should not be switched on unless it is conclusively proven that it does not cause any adverse health effects.”

The full section on Preserving Our Environment can be viewed at heritageparty.org/manifesto/#environment

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