Heritage Party Action against Oxford ’15-minute Neighbourhoods’

The Heritage Party held an Action Day in Oxford this weekend to protest and act against the coming ’15-minute neighbourhood’ scheme that is part of Agenda 2030.

Oxfordshire County Council has announced plans to split Oxford into 6 zones and fine cars £70 for travelling out of their zones on more than 100 days per year. This comes on top of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods which have already been put in place by blocking off exit and entrance roads to local neighbourhoods in many parts of the city.

David Roy Cox, Heritage Party Oxfordshire Co-ordinator stated: “We stood in this great city with the support of our members, and had many conversations with local residents concerned about the ‘Low Traffic Neighbourhoods’ (LTNs) and the impact this has had and continues to do so. Local people questioned how LTNs can reduce congestion when there is no option but to drive around taking a longer route to get home, not to mention increased journey time. As for cutting polluting it’s simply not the case, as vehicles are spending more time on the roads, not less.”

The Heritage Party opposes LTNs and other anti-car measures wherever they may be.

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