Two-Tier Policing

We in the Heritage Party are receiving frequent reports of increasing levels of police brutality at peaceful demonstrations. Party Leader David Kurten has also witnessed this personally, seeing brutal treatment of participants at Freedom Rallies, but police treating BLM demonstrators with kid gloves and even getting down on their knees.

Police at Protest

Peoples’ right to free speech is at best being ignored at Freedom Rallies, if not subject to extremely rough treatment, on the pretext of Covid restrictions. Of particular concern, female demonstrators have been singled out for attack and detention by “snatch squads” of some twenty officers or more. In one instance, a man was clubbed over the head by police batons, an action which could kill.

This two-tier policing with draconian treatment of peaceful protestors for civil liberties and vicious treatment of participants including women will not be tolerated by the Heritage Party, especially when the Marxist BLM marches have received police assistance on some occasions, despite similar Covid restrictions being in place.

If we cannot trust our police to uphold civil liberties and to protect us, what is the alternative? We learn from history that ‘just following orders’ and ‘just doing my job’ is no excuse for enforcing tyrannical rules.

Something is terribly wrong in the police force, and it must be set right.

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