Rolls Royce to head consortium to build Small Modular Reactors

Rolls Royce to head consortium to build Small Modular Reactors (SMRs)

The Heritage Party is delighted to see Rolls Royce (Nuclear) announce that they will be heading a consortium to build Small Modular Reactors (SMRs).

These were first previewed by The Engineer publication in early 2017. Rolls Royce have extensive experience in nuclear power having supplied the reactors for our nuclear submarine fleet for over fifty years.

The Rolls Royce innovative modular design enables the supply of nuclear power plants tailored to cope with anticipated demand, built in specialised factories and delivered to site.  And it’s British!  So the UK power industry won’t be reliant on overseas suppliers.

If they receive full approval, it is estimated that this new product line will generate a whopping £250 billion pounds to the UK economy and provide much needed employment for six thousand engineers in the UK.  The days of the hugely expensive giant nuclear reactor could be numbered and the UK could become self-reliant for the supply of electricity. And Rolls Royce could become a leading global supplier of small nuclear power stations.

It’s just down to our Parliament ….. This project should be given the green light without delay

Nuclear – Rolls-Royce

Nuclear AMRC and Rolls-Royce confirm modular reactor collaboration | The Engineer The Engineer

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