Positive discrimination for black police officers is not right

Home Secretary Priti Patel has announced the College of Policing is developing a new national fast-track route for black and ethnic minority police officers to gain accelerated promotion. 

This follows the capture of all the UK’s main political parties and most institutions by cultural Marxist ideology, and their adherence to the demands of organisations like BLM.

Heritage Party Leader David Kurten stated: “It is a fundamental principle of fairness that the best person for the job should be appointed. Positive discrimination for black people is negative discrimination against white people, and vice versa. Nobody should be deliberately helped or hindered by their characteristics.

It is utterly patronising to suggest that minorities cannot succeed or advance in their careers without special help. Deliberately selecting people for enhanced promotion opportunities from a small minority of potential candidates while excluding the majority is likely to mean than people of poor calibre are promoted. In this case, that will be bad for the police and bad for the public. It is ultimately bad for black people as well if a less competent person is promoted above the level of their capability based on ideology rather than ability, and they are later seen to be a poor choice for the job.”

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