Heritage Party says ‘No More Lockdowns’

The Heritage Party opposes any attempt to re-introduce restrictions on civil liberties this winter. Lockdowns had a devastating effect on freedom, mental health, children’s education and the economy in the UK in the period from March 2020 to July 2021, with tens of thousands of small businesses unnecessarily going bankrupt by being classified as ‘non-essential’ by the government.

Party Leader David Kurten said: “Right on cue, the machinery of government and the mainstream media are propagandising the need for another lockdown along with mandatory mask wearing, after MPs waved through an extension of the Coronavirus Act in Parliament yesterday without a vote. This is exactly the wrong course of action for the country. There should be a full restoration of all our freedoms, including an end to all travel restrictions.”

The Heritage Party calls on the government to fully restore all of our civil liberties which they have no right to remove, and to remove the threat of further lockdowns and so-called ‘vaccine passports’. There should be no question of denying people entry to pubs, music venues, cinemas, shops and workplaces if they choose not to take an injection of experimental mRNA or genetically modified chimpanzee adenovirus whose manufacturers have no liability for adverse health reactions.

gray steel chain locked on gate
Photo by John Salvino on Unsplash
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