Heritage Party calls for a ban on electronic counting in the UK

After the widespread allegations and concern about election fraud in the US election using electronic vote counting machines, the Heritage Party has called for a ban on electronic vote counting in the UK.

Democracy for the 21st Century

Party Leader David Kurten stated: “E-counting machines are in use in London and Scottish elections and have been tested in a number of local council elections in the UK, but they cannot be openly scrutinised by counting agents. Only paper ballots can be fully secure and transparent, provided also that postal voting fraud is eliminated and voter ID is made mandatory at polling stations in order to vote.”

The call is part of a raft of new policies on democracy announced by the Heritage Party today, including:

  • Proportional Representation
  • Paper ballots only, no electronic counting machines
  • Voter ID required at polling stations
  • Postal voting limited to servicemen & severely disabled
  • Only UK citizens vote in UK elections
  • Students get one vote, not two.
  • Reform House of Lords and Supreme Court

More information can be found in the new section ‘Democracy for the 21st Century’ in the Heritage Party manifesto:


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