London Mayor

David Kurten AM

David Kurten AM

I was elected onto the London Assembly in May 2016, and am a member of the Education, Environment, Fire & Emergency, Housing and Transport committees at City Hall.

I sit in the Assembly in the Brexit Alliance Group.

I have written over 50 articles on topics from knife crime to free speech to the transgender agenda for titles such as Breitbart, The Bruges Group, The Salisbury Review and The Conservative Woman.

Before entering politics, I was a Chemistry teacher for over 15 years and taught in both state and private schools in Hampshire, Botswana, London, Hertfordshire, Bosnia-Herzegovina, New York and Bermuda.

I give lectures on Cultural Marxism and political correctness among other topics, as well as after-dinner speeches.

I have spoken at public events for the Bow Group and the Freedom Association, and at a number of conferences on Education and Free Speech.

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