Pam Moorhouse, founder, Pam’s County Petition, the official petition of the British Counties Campaign

The traditional counties of Britain, were FORCIBLY removed and changed, or merged with a neighbouring county, completely against public will, by Edward Heath’s Government in 1974.

All objections were completely ignored and the new 1974-created counties pushed through, so losing how we evolved from early people, the names they gave to places and natural barriers such as rivers, once known by everyone. Now, due to the new councils set up in 1974, the original counties are becoming unknown.

Millions still long for them back, and millions more have never heard of them. Why? If to please Edward Heath, he died a few years ago, and if the EU, we left in 2020.

Most people like history and it’s important that people know where they come from, as we are an ancient culture. Buildings are preserved, and even trees. So, why not counties, just as interesting, and hundreds of years old? Thousands of books, films, TV programmes, etc. are historic, so why are ‘wrong’ counties pushed? For example, Fountains Abbey is said to be in North Yorkshire, when it’s near Ripon in the West Riding? Why, even on the Fountains Abbey website, is there no Riding mentioned and the word ‘Riding’ crossed out?

Turner in Cumbria

It is the same with Turner the artist, said to have visited ‘Cumbria’ in the 18th century, 200 years before it was created! Or ‘Z Cars’ started 60 years ago on BBC, in fictitious ‘Merseyside,’ ten years before Merseyside was created. 

Why this deliberate destruction of our precious history? Can you please support our counties campaign to try to get back, or at least let everyone know about it?

Thank you for your support. Future generations will certainly thank you.

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